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Tobacco nicotine extraction equipment

Tobacco nicotine extraction equipment

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  • Date of issue:2020-06-12
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Tobacco nicotine extraction equipment manufacturer about extraction of workflow, so extraction way generally divided into conventional extraction and ultrasonic extraction, ultrasonic wave has a special role in physical and cavitation effect, such features can help plants to the wall or tissue deformation, as well as solute particle vibration, acceleration, shock, sound pressure shear between the equivalent stress, make the material form the local point of high temperature and high pressure, at the same time, the extraction and enrichment units also need to adopt a shaped type ultrasonic generator, mixing box type, make large volume of the object can be full access to the ultrasonic probe, accelerate the valid for active pharmaceutical ingredients composition homogeneous precipitation, The extraction yield was significantly higher than that of traditional process. Ultrasonic extraction is normal temperature extraction, effectively reduce the loss of heat sensitive components.


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