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Soybean oil equipment

Soybean oil equipment

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  • Date of issue:2020-06-12
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Peony seed oil equipment manufacturers

Peony seed oil equipment manufacturers

The equipment manufacturer of Shadou Oil introduced that the unit of the extraction equipment has obvious advantages in function, efficiency, energy saving and operating range. In terms of comprehensive performance, it has great advantages. The extraction equipment is a pilot plant extraction equipment. Because of its obvious advantages, it is suitable for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, factories, or the extraction and concentration of special goods, or plant fresh products extraction and concentration at low temperature. It can also be used in animal and Marine life extraction and concentration. Such as bone soup, kelp juice, chili oil, mushroom juice, powder, etc. Aromatic substances can also be extracted. Such as fresh osmanthus oil. It has been successfully applied in factories and universities.


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Tea seed oil equipment

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