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Neuroacid extraction equipment

Neuroacid extraction equipment

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Sunflower oil processing equipment

Nervonic acid extraction equipment manufacturer to introduce this way to the water, water and goods into the extracting tank, began to sandwich heat source, reducing supply after the pot boiling heat source, to keep the pot boiling, as to how long it takes to depend on extraction process, if need to extract for cooling water, make steam vapour is cooled to extraction tank, maintain circulation and temperature. Such as alcohol extraction, this way is the need to join the tank must be closed first, to the intercalation of heat steam, opened the temperature of cooling water to the tank need to reduce the supply of heat, make up after the condenser vaporized liquid to liquid reflux can, in order to improve the efficiency of available forced circulation pump, the liquid from the tank bottom, through the pump suction out and the upper cylinder imported back to the tank, remove local channel flow.


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