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Tea seed oil equipment manufacturers

Tea seed oil equipment manufacturers

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Tea seed oil refining equipment

Tea seed oil equipment manufacturers to talk about the advantage of mechanical crushing method, is a simple process flexible, strong adaptability, low cost, low investment province, pressure oil without solvent residual, but the disadvantages of this way yield efficiency is not high, but because of the tea seed kernel of reducing sugar, total sugar and starch content is higher, by squeezing oil prone to maillard reaction, make the color of oil and grease, thus increase dosage of activated clay in the process of decolorization. There is also a point not so good place is that the raw materials of the mechanical pressing method need to be steamed Fried or baked heat treatment, protein will denaturate, after the oil extraction, the comprehensive utilization value of the cake decreases, and the residual oil rate in the residue is high, still need to be extracted by solvent.



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Tea seed oil equipment

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