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Walnut oil equipment

Walnut oil equipment

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The benefits of walnut oil are briefly described by the manufacturer of walnut oil equipment: Walnut oil has the function of strengthening the body: this is because walnuts can provide enough calories. Have data to calculate, every 100 grams walnut kernel can provide the quantity of heat of about 630 kilocalorie, be equivalent to rice quantity of heat 3-4 times. So in the winter often eat some walnuts can also play a role in keeping out the cold. Walnut oil has a soothing effect on the skin: It's rich in skin-friendly squalene and essential fatty acids. Absorb quickly, keep skin elastic and moist effectively. Walnut oil is a beauty enhancer: It is rich in essential fatty acids and a type of squalene that has a strong affinity for the skin. These two substances can be quickly absorbed by the quilt skin, can effectively protect the skin's elastic moist; It can eliminate facial wrinkles and prevent skin aging. Walnut oil has a beautiful hair care role: eat more walnut oil can promote children's hair black. Walnut oil has the function of strengthening the brain and nourishing the brain: walnut oil does not contain cholesterol, can effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease; The rich linoleic acid and linolenic acid can eliminate the impurities in the blood vessel metabolism, make blood purification, provide fresh blood for the brain.

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