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Tea seed oil equipment

Tea seed oil equipment

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Tea seed oil equipment price

The tea seed oil equipment pointed out that the key points of the process were low temperature storage, cleaning and classification, cold pressing and oil residue separation. Experience shows that in the process of low temperature storage, the temperature should be controlled at 0~7°C, which is more conducive to the seed ripening; In the cleaning and grading process, the granule is graded according to the different particle sizes, and then the raw materials with relatively uniform granule are threshing, which can ensure the peeling efficiency. In the cold pressing process, the special cold pressing machine is used, and the cold pressing temperature is 70-80°C. The special cold pressing machine can avoid the color darkening of camellia oil and the loss of effective components caused by high temperature. In the oil residue separation process, the separation time and retention time should be controlled, and the crude oil does not need to go through the sedimentation tank during filtration.



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Tea seed oil equipment

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