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Use of plant oil refining equipment


Use of plant oil refining equipment

  In order to ensure the normal operation of vegetable oil refining equipment,to avoid the occurrence of machine accidents,to strictly observe some rules,let's briefly introduce the equipment in the use of some matters needing attention.

Price of vegetable oil refining equipment

  Vegetable oil equipment use:Before using vegetable oil equipment,all auxiliary equipment and containers should be prepared,and the tension of the belt should be checked and adjusted.Then start the motor and make the machine idle for about 15min to check the screw speed.The general speed should be about 33Dmin.When idling,pay attention to the meshing condition and sound of the gear in the gearbox,whether the bearing parts and the motor are normal.When the vegetable oil equipment idles,the motor current should be about 3A.If the current is too high,stop the machine immediately for inspection,and restart it after adjustment.When no load is normal,prepare about 50kg of rapeseed or soybean and prepare to put into the hopper.Note:do not feed too fast at the beginning of the pressure,or the pressure in the pressure chamber will suddenly become large,the screw shaft does not move,causing pressure chamber blockage,or even make the cage broken,causing a major accident.

  Therefore,at the beginning of compression,the feed should be put into the hopper evenly and slowly to allow the oil pressure to run in.This is repeated several times for more than 3~4h,gradually increasing the oil pressure temperature,even smoke(this is a normal phenomenon).At the beginning of the suppression,the chamber temperature is low,so it can move slowly.The handle on the knotted stud can be used to increase the thickness of the cake body and increase the water content of the material entering the pressure chamber.When the temperature rises to about 90℃and the vegetable oil equipment works normally,the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5-2.5mm and the nut can be tightened.

Price of vegetable oil refining equipment

  After normal operation,the higher oil content is mainly concentrated in the strip and the front row.About 60%of the total oil is produced,and the first round row accounts for about 30%.The discharge end of the oil is very few,there is no line,the color of the oil is very clear.Rapeseed or soybean oil,after two or three repeated extrusion,can be extruded.During this period,the oily residue can be evenly mixed into the human embryo for pressing.Even when cutting also want to keep oil,try to avoid more or less oil,otherwise will affect the service life of vegetable oil equipment and oil yield.

  During the operation,the filter cake condition of vegetable oil equipment should be checked frequently,and the water content of the blank should not be too high or too low.An ordinary cake should be flaky with a smooth side and lots of fur on the other side.If the cake is loose and weak,or out of shape cake,dark color,knead into pieces by hand,it means that the blank material adds too little water;If the pie is soft,flaky,or increased in the froth,there's too much water.Under normal circumstances,circular slag discharge between no slag or slag is very little,slag in the discharge of slag,such as slag is more thin water layer,powdery slag is less.

  In addition,according to the location of the oil,you can see whether the water into and out of the appropriate.When the water in a squeeze is too high or too low,the position of oil production moves back.


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