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The important mechanism of camellia oil is introduced


The important mechanism of camellia oil is introduced

  Camellia oil has the good name of longevity oil,can soften blood vessels,enhance the elasticity and toughness of blood vessels,prevent the release of blood line,effectively reduce human serum cholesterol and triglyceride,significantly improve the"three high",but also effectively prevent atherosclerosis,senile cataract,senile constipation and coronary heart disease,etc.Delay the body aging,improve the nutrition level,can make the elderly eat tea oil old and healthy longevity.

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  I.Strengthening reproductive health services

  The function of camellia oil is also reflected in that it can enhance and balance the pituitary gland,promote gonadal function,and provide tocopherol for life.Increase your sperm count,increase vitality,promote reproductive growth,increase breast milk production,and make your baby eat well.Tea oil is a very good supplement for pregnant women after delivery,which can speed up the recovery of the maternal body.And can improve children's digestion and absorption ability,promote children's appetite and;Help babies develop their brains and bones.

  2.Regulate intestinal absorption

  The secret of camellia Oil--"No polyester":A great way to fight obesity is to control saturated fatty acids.After ordinary edible oil enters the human body,the undigested part can accumulate in the body,convert into fat,cause obesity and other diseases.The monounsaturated acid of camellia oil can affect the decomposition of alcohols in the body,break down and convert the carbonic acid into energy gas,prevent the formation of fat in the gut and under the skin,and clear the body of excess fat and blood sugar.

Tea seed oil equipment which is good

  Regulation of neuroendocrinology

  The function of camellia oil also lies in that it can regulate the central nervous system,improve the permeability and flexibility of capillaries,promote the secretion of endocrine hormones,relieve nervous tension,so as to prevent and cure neurofunctional decline and neurasthenia and other diseases.A lot of female figure good appearance is beautiful,but facial ministry grows blain blain easily serious influence is beautiful,this is endocrine actually disharmony internal fire flourishing causes toxin to increase be caused by.Soybean oil,peanut oil and other herbaceous vegetable oils are all hot oils.But the tea oil has been cooled by cold,heat and frost.Camellia oil can make the body hormone secretion normal,only to keep young and acne-free,smooth and delicate skin.

  All the measures to improve immunity,camellia oil one of the role is to prevent virus infection,improve the body's resistance to X-rays.Camellia oil can increase enzyme activity,improve metabolic rate,improve physique,increase life function,strengthen bidirectional regulation of human body and maintain abundant energy.Camellia oil also contains active substances that camellia saponins,camellia saponins,tea polyphenols and other oils do not have.Among them,theanine has a strong heart effect,tea saponin has a thrombotic effect,tea polyphenols have the effect of lowering cholesterol and preventing tumor.


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