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Methods for removing clogs in vegetable oil refining equipment


 Methods for removing clogs in vegetable oil refining equipment

  Vegetable oil refining machinery equipment after a variety of mechanical faults,often do not know the cause of the blockage in the case,but generally can be eliminated by these methods,the following list of several commonly used methods:

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  1,the screen oil one-way.

  During inspection,if the screen surface is not horizontal,the length of left and right boom should be adjusted to make it equal;When the screen body is twisted,the eccentric wheel shaft can be adjusted to make it perpendicular to the screen body.If it is a single side to remove the stone mesh oil,you can adjust the frame to make it flat;If the air volume is not uniform,the air volume adjustment board of the bellows can be adjusted to make the air volume evenly blown to the screen surface.If the net ratio is low,replace the new brush or adjust the length of the new brush,and adjust the tilt Angle of the flat screen.

  2.Belt oil does not lift materials.

  The main reason is that the lower part of the bucket elevator conveyor oil too much,causing congestion,can open the lower part of the conveyor door,clear oil can be.

  3.The steaming billet in the pot is uneven.

  During inspection,if the steam jet hole is blocked or corroded,the steam jet hole should be dredged.If the billet is at the bottom of the tank,the distance between the scraper and the bottom of the tank can be adjusted.If the scraper is bent and worn,it should be replaced.If the billet is not evenly steamed,the limit switch,contact and float should be adjusted to make the action coordinated.

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  4.The tie roller is overloaded and does not turn.

  The elimination method is:if there is oil between rollers during starting,loosen the adjusting bolt of rollers to eliminate the oil between rollers;If the feed quantity is too large and the feed speed is too fast,the panel at the feed inlet can be closed.When the thickness of billet is not uniform,the clearance of roll should be adjusted and the loose nut tightened.

  Through the above methods,it is not difficult to find that the oil refining equipment plugging problem is very low,very easy to solve!It is worth reminding is:if you see the above exclusion methods or do not understand the operation,you can call the brand after-sales service center consulting!


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