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Instructions for tea seed oil equipment


Instructions for tea seed oil equipment

   Before using tea seed oil equipment,it is necessary to read the operation manual carefully and be familiar with the performance characteristics and operation methods of tea seed oil equipment.A thorough inspection must be made before the machine is started.All fasteners must not be loose.The handle must be flexible and the pulley must be rotated by hand.The following is a brief description of the use of oil and tea seed equipment.

Oil and tea seed equipment price

  1.Relax,lock nut,turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise(to adjust the handle counterclockwise to the cake to close the gap,and adjust the handle clockwise rotation,expand the cake gap)to tighten the cake on the surface of the cone surface extrusion corkscrew ring,then turn the adjusting screw clockwise(3-5),then tighten the nut,ready to start the machine.

  The machine adopts three-phase four-wire power supply.When the power is on,the spindle rotates counterclockwise.

  3.Adjust the temperature controller(2)needed for the extrusion temperature 120℃,180℃(according to oil)heat switch to the position of the host,and the machine heat to heat up,when the green light,red light in the temperature controller,when the temperature of the machine rises to the set temperature,the red light green light,the temperature of the machine is a automatic control and maintain the set temperature,low temperature in winter,open the heating switch to host all heating position,make the temperature rise of oil pan,oil residue easily.

  4.Press the button of the main motor,(turn the host switch to the positive position)the host machine will start to operate,and the rotation direction will be counterclockwise.

  5.After installation of the new tea seed oil equipment,the new tea seed oil equipment should be ground for 4-8 hours.The method is to feed the dried cake material into the hopper slowly and repeatedly to make the pressure chamber polished.If the feed is too heavy,abnormal noise or screw shaft stuck in the press chamber should be stopped immediately to remove obstacles,or the assembly is completed before grinding.Do not force the trailer.

Oil and tea seed equipment price

  6.When the oil pressure is normal,the feed must be kept even,not too much or too little,otherwise the feed will run idle.At this time the machine load normal,smooth operation,reasonable rhythm.The cake is smooth,the low-pressure part is basically without slag,and the high-pressure part has a small amount of oil residue,but the proportion of the residue in the oil is not more than 9%.The temperature of the pressure chamber can reach 150-200℃.The smoke in the cake mouth should be discharged from the hospital through the smoking pipe through the shield.Hot cakes should be spread out in a timely manner,do not be in a hurry to pile or ship,otherwise there will be a natural phenomenon.When the continuous working time is long and the machine temperature is too high,cooling measures such as electric fan and fan should be taken.

  7.When squeezed oil into the oil filter,press the pump button,vacuum pump,air filter,oil filter barrels in the formation of the internal pressure,oil filter,oil pump nature and diesel filter cloth on the isolation,extrusion,oil pump,open the valve in the oil filter,stop the pump running,the formation of dry slag filter cloth,scraper,can put the oil filter pure oil bottom valve.

  8.Downtime.Stop before stop feeding,then put in a small amount of cake crumbs,after pressing into the cavity of the remaining material exhaust,no cake can be stopped.After stopping,turn the adjusting screw clockwise 1-3 times to disconnect the power supply of tea seed oil equipment.


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