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The walnut oil equipment manufacturer introduces four kinds of oil habits that are easy to cause cancer


The walnut oil equipment manufacturer introduces four kinds of oil habits that are easy to cause cancer

  Oil in our life is an indispensable kind of food,if there is no oil,cooking will not be so delicious,no oil,fast food will not appear,the following walnut oil equipment manufacturers to introduce four easy to cause cancer of the oil habit,in life we should try to avoid.

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  Cook at a high temperature

  Many people like to fry vegetables in high heat,used to waiting until the oil in the pot smoke before cooking,this practice is not scientific.High temperature oil will not only destroy the nutrition of food,but also produce some peroxides and carcinogens.It is recommended to heat the pan first,then pour the oil,and then you can cook,don't wait for the oil to smoke.

  Avoid vegetable or animal oils

  Without oil,the body will be deficient in vitamins,as well as the necessary fatty acids,affecting human health.It is no good eating only vegetable oil and not animal oil.Animal fat(saturated fat)is beneficial in certain doses.

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  Eat only one oil for a long time

  For now,it is still difficult to use different oils for ordinary home cooking,but we recommend alternating several oils,or using one oil for one period of time and another for the next period,because there are few oils that can solve the problems of another oil.

  4.There is no difference in the use of oil for people with abnormal blood fat or weight

  For the special population with dyslipidemia or abnormal body weight,we emphasize the choice of high monounsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil.You should also control the amount of oil you use.The total fuel consumption of people with normal lipid and weight should be controlled within 25 grams per day.Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids account for about half.Older adults,people with dyslipidemia,obesity,obesity-related illnesses,or family histories of obesity use less oil per day,even as little as 20 grams.


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