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The problems to be paid attention to and the clean effect to be achieved in vegetable oil refining equipment


The problems to be paid attention to and the clean effect to be achieved in vegetable oil refining equipment

  Vegetable oil refining equipment is the equipment to extract oil,extracted oil is indispensable in our daily life.Many users in the purchase of vegetable oil equipment are concerned about three issues,one is the oil pressure effect of vegetable oil equipment is high,two is the oil refining equipment can be pressed out of a variety of oil.Third,the oil pressure is not energy-saving,these are oil investors are very concerned about things.

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    1.What is the pressing effect of vegetable oil equipment?

  The pressing effect of vegetable oil equipment determines the quality and oil yield of vegetable oil equipment.The hydraulic press adopts the principle of multi-stage feed and stepwise pressurization to rapidly increase the pressure of the pressurized tank and separate the oil once.Then the infrared temperature control system is used to automatically control the pressing temperature and the pressing water so that the oil directly softens and activates the oil molecules.Pressing stability,oil output greatly increased.

  2.Can vegetable oil be extracted by the plant?

  One-in-one machine is a multi-functional vegetable oil equipment,not a traditional oil can be pressed.The plant oil equipment can press more than 20 kinds of oil materials such as peanut,soybean,sesame,rapeseed,cottonseed and plant,so as to realize a multi-purpose machine and bring more profits to investors.

  3.Is vegetable oil equipment energy-efficient?

  Energy-efficient and efficient vegetable oil equipment can bring many benefits to investors.The machine can use infrared heating,its technology is integrated compact,oil separator clean extrusion,so not only save work,save time,but also can improve oil separator oil production,in addition to small power,so oil separator by pure quality,real energy efficiency.

Vegetable oil equipment manufacturer

  Vegetable oil equipment can achieve a clean effect

  According to relevant data,vegetable oil is the main consumption object of edible oil in the world.China leads the world in edible oil consumption,followed by India.Therefore,the consumption of edible oil depends only on the population.

  For such a large edible oil market,throughout the country started to introduce new production equipment,small household vegetable oil broaching machine model structure is reasonable,the use of fully automated equipment,the operation is simple,safe,stable,largely improve machining precision and smooth finish,according to the investor,after the system upgrade is just trying to squeeze can produce,so simple operation vegetable oil equipment product will let investors business growth.

  There are three major problems in vegetable oil equipment.In the use of vegetable oil equipment,multi-function,high efficiency and energy saving are the concerns of oil press investors,which are also the main reasons affecting investors'choice of oil press.Considering the expansion of vegetable oil equipment market and consumption demand,vegetable oil equipment manufacturers adopt multi-stage pressing method to achieve the effect of net vegetable oil equipment at one time,which ensures the oil quality and health,and meets the national health and quarantine standards.


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