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The upgrade of vegetable oil refining equipment technology leads to the upgrade of wealth


The upgrade of vegetable oil refining equipment technology leads to the upgrade of wealth

  In this era of rapid development of information technology,a law has been proved by countless facts:science and technology determines productivity,science and technology determines wealth.With the unremitting efforts of scientific researchers,the oil filter technology of oil press has been comprehensively upgraded,and the wealth of the majority of customers who use oil press equipment has also been upgraded simultaneously.

Plant oil refining equipment which is good

  Six technical upgrading features of oil filter:

  Technology upgrade 1:Adjustable inlet pressure

  The inlet pressure of oil press equipment is adjustable,and a safety valve is installed on the barrel body.In the process of use,the bottom of the barrel discharge pipe is always connected to the atmosphere,will not cause pressure rise,to ensure safe use.

  Technology upgrade 2:Spherical design

  The oil pressure barrel cover is designed with a spherical surface,which makes the gas flow back into the barrel,improves the gas utilization rate and effectively reduces the gas supply.

  Technology upgrade 3:Increase the filtering area

  The hydraulic press adopts the air filter,the oil pressure speed is fast,two barrels can be used at the same time,suitable for two barrels of hydraulic press;At the same time,the diameter of filter barrel is increased,the filtration area is enlarged,and the requirements of pressure filtration and filtration synchronization are realized.

Plant oil refining equipment which is good

  Technology upgrade 4:Large operation surface,easy to clean

  The oil press is equipped with a crude oil primary filtration device,which can automatically filter crude oil residue and reduce the amount of residue entering the filter cartridge.Generally speaking,press cloth needs to be replaced only once or twice a working day.With a large operation interface,it is convenient and quick to replace the press cloth and remove slag.

  Technology Upgrade 5:Expanding oil storage capacity

  In order to increase the number of oil filters,we increase the oil intake rate,increase the height of the oil filter barrel,expand the oil storage quantity,thus greatly reducing the working frequency and further improving the efficiency of the oil filter.

  Technology Upgrade 6:Comprehensively improve the overall structure

  In order to further improve the market share of the oil filter device,we comprehensively upgraded the overall structure and adopted 16mm seamless steel tube,which has no deformation or wear in long-term use.Simple operation,easy to observe the state of the filter.It is an ideal oil filter equipment for processing and selling of supplied materials.

  After the technology upgrade,oil users once again feel the convenience brought by the technology,easier to make money.Wealth always seems to go hand in hand with technology,and this is perfectly illustrated in the oil press.


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