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Principle of plant oil refining equipment


Principle of plant oil refining equipment

  When the vegetable oil refining equipment is in operation,the treated oil enters the pressing chamber from the hopper.By pressing the spiral,the blank is pushed inward continuously to press.Because the feed embryo is in motion in the press chamber of the oil press,under the pressure of the press chamber,there is a great friction resistance between the feed embryo and the press,between the feed embryo and the press chamber,so that the friction between the feed embryo and the press chamber can be generated,resulting in relative motion.

Plant oil refining equipment

  On the other hand,because the diameter of the pressed screw is gradually thickened and the pitch is gradually reduced,when the pressed screw rotates,the thread can push forward and turn outwards as hard as possible.At the same time,the material layer near the surface of the pressed screw also rotates along the pressed axis.

  Quality appraisal of vegetable oil equipment:

  1.Identify the size:The hydraulic press should use the diameter of the pressure chamber or the diameter of the pressure screw to indicate its size.However,some hydraulic operators in the hydraulic model does not specify the screw diameter or diameter.There are also some oil extraction plant business to supplement small.

  2.Other functions other than pressing:generally including whether the machine can be heated,oil filtration,refined refining(the refining needs 4-5,the machine only needs 1).

  3.Identify the heating function:The heating function is useful,which is the premise to ensure the squeezing in the four seasons.It depends on whether it's smart electric or simple.Whether the effect of filter oil and refining function is exaggerated,the actual refining effect should be seen in the factory.

  4.Determine the appropriate crush layers:You can tell at a glance how many squeeze stages there are and how many squeeze stages are from deep to shallow.In addition,each press must be of a certain length.Therefore,the waste of extrusion time and extrusion strength caused by high oil level press,resulting in the decline of oil quality,is also a factor to be considered,and is your pressure oil varieties and configuration pressure level is also related.If you do not understand can consult master and the technician of press oil machine factory,must not be fooled!

Vegetable oil equipment which is good

  5.Confirm equipment with insufficient power of hydraulic press;Why the power is not enough,first of all is to point to its quality not pass,quality not pass the equipment.Some illegal businesses often equipped with low prices of small power motor,some even equipped with aluminum motor,which is commonly known as the"small horse cart"in the production and operation of a hidden danger.The lack of power will often make it stuck in operation.If it is in the production of the situation,in the reduction of production,maintenance of equipment and other aspects of the cost of time and money are not small losses.

  The loss of electricity is not only that,but it is also accompanied by oil spills.For example,if you press 1000 kg of peanut oil,you will lose 150 kg.The white loss is 15%,which is a big loss for daily production.Not only leakage,will greatly reduce the production,not only that,underload operation,speed up the damage will lead to parts,bearings,pressure screw,oil tank and so on are to cause a certain impact,so in the purchase must choose high-quality equipment,power shortage is often caused by the oil press stuck dead important reason.


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