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The process of extracting oil from a vegetable oil plant


The process of extracting oil from a vegetable oil plant

  The oil production process of the screw oil press can be divided into three stages,namely,the feeding stage(front pressure stage),the main pressure stage(oil production stage)and the filter cake stage(pressure discharge stage).The following vegetable oil equipment manufacturers to describe the process of vegetable oil equipment is?


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  The working principle of the screw oil press is simply that the material advances continuously due to the vibration of the rotating extrusion hole of the screw shaft.At the same time,due to the shortening of the axial spacing of the screw press and the increase of the root diameter,the decrease of the extrusion inner diameter,the volume contraction of the pressure chamber and the squeezing action of the press material.After compression,the oil is extruded from the cracks in the pressure tank,and the pressure material is pressed into the cake block and discharged from the end of the pressure chamber.

  A.Feeding department:Extrude the pressed material at the feeding department to discharge air and A small amount of water.Plastic deformation forms a"muffin"and oil begins to flow.The high oil component begins to produce oil at the compression stage of the feed.It should be noted that the feeding section is prone to backpressure,and measures should be taken to overcome the"backpressure".

  B.Main press stage:This stage is the stage with high pressure and large oil output.Often at this time due to the pressure chamber volume decrease quickly,the media is being squeezed from strong,will start,intergranular hole in squeeze squeeze expected continuous porous materials instead of loose,large amounts of oil discharge,at the same time,will be interrupted screw extrusion materials,drum cage hole grasping force,the shearing action of edges and corners,speed difference caused by material layer displacement of fracture,the phenomenon such as mixing,keep the oil flowing,is advantageous to the oil discharge quickly.

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  C.Cake section:In the cake section,the pressed material forms a tile cake,which is lifted almost as a whole and has a great compressive resistance.At this time the brick cake compressibility is not much,but must maintain a high pressure,so that the oil is not sucked back and discharged.The brick cake from the hydraulic press expands due to elastic expansion.The results show that a large amount of oil extracted in the first half of the newsroom,that is,in the feed section of the area and in the main news section,can be confirmed by residual oil changes on the length of the helix axis of the pie.Of course,the axial distribution of the unloading at the publisher will follow the oil news content and the structure of the news,but it is always desirable to appear in the main compression section,and improper structural design or manufacturing will cause the unloading position to move backwards or forward.


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