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The working principle of oil press is introduced by vegetable oil equipment manufacturer


The working principle of oil press is introduced by vegetable oil equipment manufacturer

  In short,the working principle of the screw oil press is that the media material advances continuously due to the uplift of the rotating extrusion hole of the screw shaft.At the same time,due to the shortening of the axial spacing of the screw press and the enlargement of the root diameter,the reduction of the extrusion inner diameter,the volume contraction of the pressure chamber and the squeezing action of the news material.After compression,the oil is extruded from the cracks in the pressure tank,and the pressure material is pressed into the cake block and discharged from the end of the pressure chamber.

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  1.Movement law of the pressing material in the pressing chamber.

  The motion state of compression material in compression chamber is very complex.In an ideal state,the extruder particles are pushed by the extruder.Obviously,the motion of particles in the frictionless theory can be considered as the advance in accordance with the motion law of the helix itself,that is,the particle's motion trajectory is a combination of rotational motion and axial motion.

  But in the actual process of propulsion,the motion state of the pressurized material is very complicated.It's subject to a lot of resistance at the same time.These include:

  A.The friction between the inner surface of the press cage and the outer surface of the screw axis and the pressed material,and the internal friction when the particles of the pressed material move relative to each other;

  B.The sudden change of the shape of the crushing screw and washer or the resistance of the scraper in the crushing chamber to the pressed material;

  C.Compression resistance when the compression chamber space decreases(including resistance caused by adjusting the pie ring),etc.

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  During the stamping process,the oil content of billet is different along the radial layer,and the oil content of inner layer is higher than that of outer layer.At the same time,the difference of oil content of radial laminate decreases as the laminate passes through the filter cake outlet.However,the ratio of residual oil in the radial layer of the muffin outside the machine is the opposite,that is,there is more residual oil in the outer layer of the muffin than in the inner layer.This phenomenon can be attributed to the structural characteristics of the screw oil press:on the one hand,the one-way oil drainage of the preformed parts in the chamber of the press is bound to make the oil path on the surface of the screw shaft become longer,which is not easy to drain oil;On the other hand in front of the feeding and pressing of thick material,easy to produce oil content gradient,news,news compressed thin material,at the same time on the surface of screw axis of water evaporation intensity is higher than pressing cage wall place,so that the oil particles within the pore by material,so the gradient between the internal and external oil content of the cake layer relatively narrow;When the filter cake is discharged from the machine,the oil content on the outer surface of the filter cake is lower than that on the outer surface due to the loss of pressure on the outer surface of the filter cake,the rapid evaporation of water and the oil absorption.


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