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Effect of rapeseed oil refining equipment on the quality of rapeseed oil


Effect of rapeseed oil refining equipment on the quality of rapeseed oil

  Rapeseed oil refers to rapeseed directly after,machine after rapeseed oil press and filter oil machine without further processing of rapeseed oil,the oil contains many trace elements and impurities,and cannot achieve domestic a commodity of edible oil consumption standard,so this kind of vegetable oil commonly for people to eat more rural areas,and oil in many parts of the lane is more,basic is the rapeseed oil,cooking oil that rapeseed oil is oil,if you want to the rapeseed oil can enter the store supermarket will need to meet the national standard of edible oil,must pass through refined oil refined oil equipment to reach the requirement,So what changes have rapeseed oil refining equipment made to the quality of rapeseed oil in the refining process and what is the influence on the quality of each oil?Let's talk about it.

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  Rapeseed YouMao oil refining process is a physical and chemical changes in the process,in this process,the rapeseed oil lost some natural trace substances,and also produce and introduces some traces of substances,and for the color of the rapeseed oil,smell and so on all have changed,these trace elements for the quality of rapeseed oil has the very big change.

  Rapeseed oil is one of the main edible oils in China.Rapeseed oil mainly contains triglycerides,free fatty acids,phospholipids,pigments and tocopherols.The presence of some trace elements in crude oil not only affects the quality of rapeseed oil,but also makes it difficult to process.Therefore,some beneficial trace elements should be removed by refining,such as free fatty acids and phospholipids.Therefore,rapeseed oil refining is a more complex and flexible process.

Rapeseed oil refining equipment

  Rapeseed oil for everyone not unfamiliar,oil-bearing crops will grow in most regions,the Yangtze river area,planting more in hebei,hubei,hunan,basic in local rapeseed is through directly processed into rapeseed oil lane,this kind of rapeseed oil is sweet but not directly buy in the supermarket,because of short of cooking oil standards of the state,so we need to pass a series of refining process reached to the standards for edible oil,rapeseed oil of the refining process is a physical and chemical process,and need to go through multiple technological process.

  The crude oil of rapeseed oil is generally pressed by an oil press and filtered by a centrifugal oil filter.The rapeseed oil contains relatively less impurities,but still does not meet the national edible oil standards and needs to be refined by refined refining equipment.


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