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It is necessary for vegetable oil to be refined by refining equipment


It is necessary for vegetable oil to be refined by refining equipment

  Because of the national regulations,the edible oil sold in the commercial market needs to be refined before it can be sold,so refined refining equipment is a necessary equipment and refining process for selling edible oil.Generally,the vegetable oil we press directly is crude oil,which can be eaten but needs refining if sold.Because crude oil does not meet a standard of national edible oil,it needs refining before it can be sold.

Refined refining equipment

  The refined refining equipment project can gather the high-quality raw materials planted by farmers in local and surrounding areas,adopt the advanced technology of peeling,dedusting and removing impurities,after which the crude oil is physically pressed to produce,and then refined and sold as vegetable oil.

  The physically pressed cake is leachable to produce crude oil,which is then refined to produce refined vegetable oil that can be marketed as a commodity.

  If you want your vegetable oil may appear on the nearest supermarket or store,the vegetable oil refining equipment is a must,is necessary after the link,only in this way you can rest assured to eat,can also greatly improve a secondary vegetable oil processing depth,can get a better reputation and economic interests.

  Acid.It is the free fatty acid in the hair removal oil.This is a key stage in the refining process.There are many methods of deacidification,and the most widely used method is alkali refining,which USES alkali to neutralize free fatty acids,so that free fatty acids can be separated from oil in soap production.

Refined refining equipment

  The decoloring.The pigment,trace soap,phospholipid,polycyclic hydrocarbon and pesticide residue in hair oil were removed by adsorption and decolorization.

  Deodorization.Deodorization can not only remove the odor material hair oil,improve the oil in the oil smoke point,improve the flavor,can effectively remove pollution,at the same time also can remove superoxide and its breakdown products,eliminate mildew protein decomposition of volatile of oil,remove pesticide residue in small molecular weight pahs,etc,make it fell to the safety degree within.The deodorization of crude oil is to achieve the deodorization purpose by means of water vapor passing through the high temperature oil containing smelly components,and the smelly components in the contact oil on the gas-liquid surface volatilize into the water vapor bubble and escape with the water vapor at the rate of its partial pressure.

  Dewaxing:according to the difference between the melting point of wax and oil and the solubility of wax in the oil(or dispersion)with the decrease of temperature and the nature,through cooling precipitation crystal wax,filtered or centrifuged to achieve the purpose of dewaxing.The common point of dewaxing is that the temperature is below 25℃to achieve a good dewaxing effect.


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