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Hidden trouble of bearing heating in refining equipment


Hidden trouble of bearing heating in refining equipment

  The oil press belongs to the high speed rotating oil refining equipment,so the oil refining equipment mechanical transmission part can not be less the bearing,which also leads to the oil refining equipment mechanical work overheating faults are generally related to the bearing.Today,tea seed oil equipment manufacturers to explain this aspect of the problem,for the majority of oil press use customers to provide technical support.

Refined refining equipment

  1,may be due to overload or overload,may be cooling fans and other problems,and may be due to mechanical friction heat,but the main problem is whether the bearing authentic,some users in order to buy a low price bearing,bearing heating,hot,so that the bearing burned and so on.Therefore,the first emphasis to buy authentic(imported)bearings.

  2,to pay attention to adhere to the mechanical lubrication,choose high temperature lithium base grease,lithium base grease is another main reason for bearing heating.In addition,you should carefully check the situation,suppose that mechanical friction will be accompanied by noise,mechanical parts will have obvious wear and tear.If you say that the bearing is loose,it should be the problem of bearing,need to change the bearing.It is recommended to purchase authentic imported bearings.

  3,spindle concentricity can be accurate,under normal circumstances people do not pay much attention to the concentricity,spindle concentricity tendency is very easy to form bearing heating.

Refined refining equipment

  In addition,the edible oil filter produced by our company is an equipment for separation,concentration and purification of suspended matter,solid matter,etc.under the effect of centrifugal force at high speed rotation according to the different proportion of solid particles in the oil liquid.Oil filter is a high speed filter equipment,high speed requires good bearings,high quality and authentic bearings can ensure the long-term normal operation of oil filter,service life as long as more than 10 years.Because of its good separation effect and practicability,it is widely used in oil filtration and processing.The disadvantages such as slow vacuum filtering,cumbersome plate and frame operation and oil storage,and inconvenient air pressure cleaning press cloth have been eliminated.


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