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The advantages of refined refining equipment and traditional oil extractor performance five comparison


The advantages of refined refining equipment and traditional oil extractor performance five comparison

  The refined oil refinery equipment has a relatively large performance advantage compared with the traditional common oil extractor equipment.The tea seed oil equipment manufacturer summarized five comparative analyses of refined oil refinery equipment and common oil extractor to help us understand in detail.

Refined refining equipment


   I.Comparison of energy consumption:

  "A normal oil press can process 50 kilograms of raw material using a 13-kilowatt motor for an hour,and a peanut press can process 50 kilograms of raw material.The refined oil refining equipment is equipped with a 3 kw motor only 5 minutes power consumption,several times the efficiency,saving more than 90%power.

  Comparison of value added:The by-products of ordinary oil extractor can only be used as animal feed after being rolled and pressed.The refined refining equipment USES filtration,deacidification,decolorization,deodorization and other processes to complete a complete set of oil treatment.After processing,for example,28 to 35 kilograms of oil per 100 kilograms of peanuts,peanuts can be recovered and processed into high-protein and low-fat green food,such as spicy peanut,fish skin peanut,peanut tofu,artificial meat,peanut pickles,peanut sugar,peanut granules and other peanut foods.Products have higher added value.

  Iii.Loss comparison:Ordinary oil extractors adopt spiral extrusion to produce high temperature,which reduces the nutrition of oil products and reduces the loss of raw materials 6.The machine adopts physical pressing,no heating,no loss,the oil yield can be adjusted,the oil can be compared with the brand beauty.

Refined refining equipment

  Comparison of environmental protection:Other raw materials are needed to clean oil after the ordinary oil press is pressed,and the noise is big.This machine adopts direct filtration,does not need to clean oil and low noise,does not add any chemical raw materials in the production process,accords with the green food standard.

  V.Comparison of benefits:each machine can process more than 1 ton of peanut per day(10 hours)and more than 300 kilograms of peanut oil per thousand kilograms,worth more than 3,500 yuan.After pressing,the peanut is 700 jin,worth 2400 yuan.The purchase of peanuts is about 4500 yuan per kilo,and the gross profit for the production and processing of 1000 kilos of peanuts is more than 1000 yuan,and the monthly profit is about 30,000 yuan.If the pressed peanuts are further processed,the benefits will be considerable.


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