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Why do vegetable oil refining equipment manufacturers share deodorization


Why do vegetable oil refining equipment manufacturers share deodorization

  Pure triglycerides are odorless,but oils have different levels of smell from different processes,some of which are favored by people,like sesame and peanut oil,and some of which are disliked by people,like vegetable oil and rice bran oil.Odors in oils and fats are often referred to as odors.Some of these smells are natural,while others are new products of oil production and processing.Odorants are found in small amounts,but some can be detected in a few micrograms per liter.

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  The odor of oil is mainly composed of low molecular aldehydes,ketones,free fatty acids and unsaturated hydrocarbons.For example,the odor components identified in soybean oil are acetaldehyde,n-acetaldehyde,butanone,butanone,3-hydroxybutanone,heptanone,octanone,acetic acid,butyric acid,ethyl acetate,dimethyl sulfur,etc.In the process of making oil,new smells will be produced,such as burning smell,solvent smell,float taste,hydrogenation taste,etc.In addition,individual fats also have their own unique flavor,such as in vegetable oil isothiocyanate sulfur compounds produced by the smell.

  With the exception of free fatty acids,the odorant component in oils and fats is very small,only about 0.1%.Experience has shown that there is a relationship between smell and free fatty acids.When the content of free fatty acids decreases,certain odor components in oils and fats also decrease.When the free fatty acid reaches 0.1%,the oil still has a smell.The odor disappeared when the free fatty acid decreased to 0.01-0.03%(peroxide value was 0).It can be seen that deodorization is closely related to deacidification.


Plant for refining vegetable oil

  Grease deodorization can not only remove the peculiar smell substances in grease,improve the smoke point of grease,improve the flavor of grease,but also improve the stability,color and quality of grease.Because deodorization,it also eliminates free fatty acids,peroxides and some heat-sensitive pigments,removes volatile proteins that break down mold and rotting oil,removes small molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and residual pesticides,and reduces index finger to a safe level.Therefore,deodorization is of great value in the production of grease products.


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