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Walnut oil equipment is your ideal oil press equipment


 Walnut oil equipment is your ideal oil press equipment

  Zhongfu walnut oil contains rich unsaturated fatty acid and natural cellulose and trace elements can be the riddle of the brain,the brain,increase the memory,to promote the development of the brain and nervous system,promote calcium absorption help bone development,protect the stomach,runchang purge,promoting hair growth,prevent and relieve skin eczema,and promote economic growth and development,and so on.

  Walnut oil can provide sufficient quantity of heat,according to data show,every 100 grams walnut kernel can provide about 630 kilocalorie quantity of heat,be equivalent to rice 3-4 times quantity of heat.So eating walnuts in winter can also be a good way to keep out the cold.Walnut oil moisturizes your skin:It's rich in skin-friendly squalene and fatty acids.Absorb quickly,keep skin elastic and moist effectively.

Walnut oil equipment

  Walnut oil press equipment is specially used for walnut oil press production line.The significance of its work is to extract the nutrients in walnut kernel to make edible oil.

  So what are the benefits of eating walnut oil?

  1,Brain health,walnut oil contains rich phospholipid content,can increase cell vitality,can improve memory and intelligence level,is an important element of the brain,can prevent Alzheimer's disease;

  2,can quickly promote metabolism,promote blood circulation,keep blood dry purification;

  3.Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

Walnut oil equipment

  4.Improve the function of endocrine system,mainly because it can increase insulin sensitivity;

  5,eat more walnut oil can properly recuperate the role of the body,this is mainly because walnut oil can provide enough calories,eat more in winter can play a good role in keeping out the cold;

  6,walnut oil has a good cosmetic effect,walnut oil is rich in squalene in the skin and essential fatty acids,it can be quickly absorbed,can effectively maintain the moisture in the skin,keep the skin moist;


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