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The lubrication and maintenance of tea seed oil equipment directly affect its use


  The lubrication and maintenance of tea seed oil equipment directly affect its use

  Tea seed oil equipment is a kind of highly automated mechanical equipment,in the process of tea seed oil treatment,is a frequent operation,wearing a lot,of course,so there will be a temperature rise,in high temperature conditions,need to solve immediately,or processing equipment need to interrupt,seriously threaten the production!

  The bearings of tea seed oil equipment should be maintained and replaced regularly,otherwise it will have a certain impact on the production of tea seed oil equipment.When the tea-seed oil equipment bearing sinks inside and outside,the rolling body suffers serious loss and needs to be replaced with a new bearing.The domestic market economy is in a period of rapid development.In the selection of tea seed oil equipment,in many cases,the preference is to use the general,traditional processing equipment,in order to achieve higher economic benefits.

Tea seed oil equipment

  When using camellia oil equipment,check regularly whether the fixed nut of the movable gear plate is loose and whether the fasteners are loose.In particular,check the fixing tooth plate screws of the tea seed oil equipment.Proper lubricating oil should be injected before starting,and the refueling times should be increased during continuous operation.Replace the main shaft bearing cavity of tea seed oil maintenance equipment with new lubricating oil after cleaning.

  Promoted the development of tea seed production industry and tea seed processing equipment industry.In order to improve cost saving,tea seed product enterprises not only need to buy tea seed oil equipment with reliable quality,but also need to maintain tea seed oil equipment.First of all,the environment must be suitable and placed in a relatively stable place.The surrounding environment should be clean,dry and ventilated.When using tea seed oil equipment,check whether there are sundries in the main engine chamber before starting.Before crushing the material,check whether there are impurities in the material,so as not to damage the tea seed oil equipment.

Tea seed oil equipment


  Tea seed oil equipment is highly automated.In the process of processing tea seed,the more frequently it is used,the more times it is worn,so it is likely to have a temperature rise.When there is a high temperature phenomenon,we need to solve it,the corn deep processing equipment will be interrupted,there is a great threat to our production and development.

  Tea seed oil equipment grinding stones at high temperature needs to be sealed and lubricated.It may be because the lubrication effect of our grinding machine is insufficient.With the increase of the number of times,high temperature will inevitably occur.At the same time,good maintenance habits can make the tea seed oil equipment longer service life,save production costs!


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