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Tea seed oil equipment manufacturers analyzed the gap between domestic and foreign equipment


  Tea seed oil equipment manufacturers analyzed the gap between domestic and foreign equipment

  Edible oil processing equipment is the basic equipment of agricultural machinery,related to the development of China's agriculture and manufacturing industry.The rapeseed oil processing equipment represented by edible oil processing equipment reflects the domestic industrial production capacity to a large extent.It is well known that the refining equipment in Europe and North America has been well received in various countries in terms of technology and experience,and the domestic development is also unique.Where is the advantage of foreign product reflected,how does homebred equipment exist,what distinction and gap do both have?

Tea seed oil equipment

  1.With the development of the industry,the domestic implementation of the reform of the supply side,canola oil equipment at home and abroad in technical ability and production capacity has increased more,mature technology abroad application in the oil market and oil domestic power not to be outdone,the development policy of positive change strategy,from product quality,performance,and the machining accuracy of product updates,gap is narrowing.

  2.The gap between domestic rapeseed equipment and foreign rapeseed equipment is first reflected in the functional components.Functional components are closely related to the overall quality of the product.The reason why foreign refining equipment is popular is that it has invested a lot of manpower,material resources and financial resources to produce high-quality parts and components through continuous exploration and research and development.Most of the domestic functional parts are self-produced,which leads to imperfect development because of unprofessionalism.

Tea seed oil equipment

  3.Reflected in the machining accuracy.The processing precision of rapeseed oil processing equipment is also related to the quality of products.Many oil plant users are believed to purchase equipment based on the quality they value.After many years of use of domestic equipment,the processing precision will slowly decline,and even the overall performance can not keep up with the user's demand.And the foreign products of high precision,high efficiency,more suitable for long-term high-precision operation,durable;

  4.Then,the gap is reflected in product performance.The product performance of rapeseed oil equipment is very important to the shaping of corporate image.Foreign refined refining equipment brand is recognized as mainly reflected in superior comprehensive performance,in contrast,domestic equipment advantages are mainly reflected in the degree of CNC automation,in precision,speed,characteristics,domestic product reliability is still a gap.


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Tea seed oil equipment

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