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How did high-quality oil suddenly emerge


 How did high-quality oil suddenly emerge

  China has become a major producer and consumer of edible oil,experts say,following the successful conclusion of a seminar on tea culture in China.However,due to the large population,the consumption gap of edible oil is still large,and the self-sufficiency rate is very low,less than 40%.Because of the consumption gap,high-quality edible oil has gained fame in recent years.The edible oil market has won a place.Here,attention is paid to the development of tea seed oil and tea oil.

Tea seed oil equipment

      1.Olive oil produced in many countries around the Mediterranean is called a good cooking oil.In China,tea seed oil,known as"Oriental olive oil",is China's current nutritional edible oil.Changsheng Oil,tea seed oil equipment manufacturer,focusing on the research of oil extraction technology for more than 30 years,has been focusing on the key scientific research of tea seed oil,realized the flower of the pure physical pressed seed oil,refined into woody vegetable oil,a major breakthrough in the field of oil extraction.

  As is known to all,China's oil crops are mainly soybean,peanut and rape.These producing areas are also major grain producing areas,so there is very limited space to increase the self-sufficiency rate of edible oil.After decades of research and practice,tea seed oil is edible and has always been valued.The Civil Aviation Administration and other relevant departments have also given support.Tea seed oil is physically extracted and refined,which meets the requirements of green food and plays an important role in improving the self-sufficiency rate of edible oil in China.

Tea seed oil equipment

  Tea seed oil is a kind of oil widely existed and widely recognized in the market,so it must have its unique value.Tea seed oil is a kind of edible oil rich in tea polyphenols,vitamin E,linoleic acid and other substances,which has a good conditioning effect on human body.In addition,tea seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids,which is the ideal nutritional oil in People's Daily life.Therefore,the tea seed oil industry will develop rapidly and gain the trust of market consumers.

  4.Edible oil of woody plants is physically refined from tea seeds,which provides a broad prospect for the comprehensive utilization of tea in China.China has a huge tea plantation area of more than 30 million mu.According to the calculation of 30 kg of tea seed essence per mu,tea seed oil can provide nearly 200,000 tons of nutritious cooking oil.It not only makes up for the shortage of oil resources,but also aims to provide a guarantee for farmers'income.

  The above is the simple analysis of tea seed oil equipment manufacturers on the development prospect of tea seed oil,hoping to be helpful to the majority of oil pressing plants and consumers.


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Tea seed oil equipment

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