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Walnut oil equipment manufacturers choose to seek true construction machinery


  Walnut oil equipment manufacturers choose to seek true construction machinery


  Walnut oil enjoys a high reputation in the nutritional oil industry.For some nutritional oil consumers,walnut oil is very popular,with high nutritional value.Also known as"baby oil","maternal oil"and so on.Because of its importance to human health,processed walnut oil is an investment choice for many nutritious oils.If users want to buy healthy cooking oil,buying walnut oil is a very wise choice.

Walnut oil equipment

  Walnut oil is a nutritious and healthy oil,and the output of its investment projects is generally not high.Most of the refined oil products are 1-10 tons/day.It is recommended to use walnut oil to reflect its nutritional value for 5 ton/day walnut oil production line.The cold-pressed oil process is the ideal choice.

  Cold pressed walnut oil is similar to sesame oil.The hydraulic press used for pressing sesame oil is also suitable for pressing walnut oil,such as 230 and 260 sets of hydraulic presses produced by enterprises and goose presses manufacturers.The equipment and walnut oil press have been widely used.The pure physical cold pressing technology of the hydraulic press can produce very high quality pure walnut oil.It is also the main ingredient in walnut oil on the market.

Walnut oil equipment

  Cold pressing is good,but it has its drawbacks.For example,there is no guarantee of oil production.Cold pressed walnuts have a residual oil rate of about 12 points,so the waste is conceivable.High oil yields.At this point,it can be fitted with a screw press for subsequent re-pressurization.The quality of obtained walnut oil is also better.Most of the oil comes from the screw press,like the squeeze walnut oil and walnut mixture on the market.The credit.

  Refining is a necessary process whether it is cold pressed walnut oil or hot pressed walnut oil.In order to produce healthier walnut oil,the refinery has a mature refining process.On the basis of cold-pressed walnut oil,it is refined at low physical temperature without destroying the nutritional molecular structure of walnut oil,which has high nutritional value.Walnut oil production equipment can be refined on the basis of hot pressing oil to meet the standard of walnut oil.


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