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After-sales Service Commitment


For the pre-sale and after-sales services of the project, we hereby undertake that:

1. Guarantee that a detailed "work schedule" shall be provided to the Buyer in accordance with the tender documents within 30 days after the contract becomes effective.

2. Our company guarantees to send technicians to the site 10 days before delivery to check whether the installation drawings are consistent with the construction site, so that the equipment can be installed smoothly.

3. After the equipment arrives at the site, we will send acceptance technicians together with users to carry out preliminary inspection of the equipment. If any discrepancy is found with the contract, we will be responsible for handling it within 2 days and bear all the responsibilities and economic losses caused thereby.

4. Within 5 days after the equipment arrives at the site, our company will send installers to the factory for installation, and send after-sales service personnel to provide on-site free training and guidance to relevant users, and ensure that they are qualified to work.

5. According to users' opinions and actual conditions, appropriate adjustments can be made to the products to ensure the normal operation of the products.

6. We guarantee that we will arrive at the site within 48 hours after receiving the user's notice (we will provide the user with a solution within 12 hours abroad; if the user cannot solve the problem by himself, we will arrange engineers to arrive at the site as soon as possible), and start to deal with the equipment failure.

7. Within one year of the quality guarantee period, we guarantee that the parts and components that are not caused by users will be damaged and replaced free of charge.

8. Our company guarantees that after the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide after-sales service for the equipment damaged during the use of the buyer and only charge the cost fee.

9. We guarantee that the price of spare parts required within five years after the expiration of the warranty period of the equipment shall be in accordance with the relevant quotation of this tender.

10. Our company guarantees the supply of spare parts and wearing parts for the buyer during the service life of the equipment.

11. We guarantee that the buyer can buy necessary spare parts (excluding imported equipment) within 10 days after the life of the equipment.

12. Our company has established a perfect after-sales service file, and put forward solutions to the problems in time, and make detailed records.

13. Adhere to the user visit system, visit users regularly (once or twice a year), timely grasp the operating status of the equipment, timely solve the problems existing in the equipment, and give feedback to our company to rectify and further improve the products.

We offer a lifetime service to all the products we sell, but we charge a certain cost fee for the products beyond the warranty period.

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