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The company USES the international project management methods, implement project manager responsibility system, demand confirmation from the project, project plan, project task decomposition, resource allocation, project progress management, project process control, project cost control, project result feedback, after-sales tracking, implement project manager one-stop service.

Our company adopts all kinds of advanced project management software to ensure the professional and efficient implementation of the whole project management.

With a high-quality design and technical team, can independently design drawings, or customer drawings for conversion, according to customer needs to customize a variety of standard parts and non-standard equipment.

Manufacturing quality management

With more than 30 well-trained and professional quality management team, the company strictly adheres to ISO9001 quality management system and ASME/PED quality standards.

Total quality management (TQM) is carried out with seven QC techniques to ensure the output of high-quality products and deliver value to users. The quality management process includes:

• Quality control of raw material procurement

• Set key quality stop points in the manufacturing process

• Self-inspection and mutual inspection of production teams

• Sampling inspection by quality inspection engineers

• Final inspection of finished products before delivery

Project quality management

Based on the correct design documents and project management process, a set of construction quality management system is established to control the whole process quality of various factors affecting the project quality.

• Review technical documents, design drawings and construction plans before construction

• Design technology disclosure, clear the quality requirements of each part of the project

• Check the procurement of materials and engineering equipment, and check the conditions of commencement

• Set quality control points for each construction process

• Operator self-inspection, mutual inspection and supervision inspection

• Quality acceptance of sub-projects

• General acceptance of the project

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