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Seoul, henan grain and oil machinery technology co., LTD. Around the grain and oil machinery and equipment manufacturing, modern grain and oil machinery services two fields, and focus on building machinery and equipment research and development and manufacturing, project contracting, the three main business trade and service, services covering industry, agriculture, provides professional services for more than 70 countries and regions in the world. Jinzheng grain and oil machinery has strong resource integration and application ability. Strong research and development strength, extensive global marketing network, strong service capacity, formed a complete industrial chain covering design, research and development, manufacturing, engineering contracting, technical services, international trade and other aspects, with unique industrial value and market competitiveness.

In the field of machinery and equipment research and development and manufacturing operations, find true group is a grain and oil machinery, agricultural machinery, plant extraction machinery, food machinery manufacturing enterprises, as well as one of the important engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises, a number of market leading quality products are exported to all over the world, has significant influence to the market both at home and abroad to provide a large number of equipment and technology. We also have the ability to provide technical services and personnel training for various vegetable and vegetable oil plants, food plants, agricultural cooperatives, family farms, pharmaceutical extraction companies and other fields. The company has signed long-term cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign authorities and research institutions, so as to "build a regular army of the industry and maintain and increase the value of customers' assets". To assist and guide clients in the sustainable and healthy profitability of their assets.

Equipment manufacturing and r&d

Mechanical equipment r & D and manufacturing is the main business of Jinzheng grain and oil machinery. Deep industry background and rich industry resources, unique combination of production, study and research of science and technology innovation system, and make the Seoul grain and oil machinery has in many fields of scientific research and development and product competitive advantage, become the important scientific research and development of China's machinery industry and equipment manufacturing enterprises, one of is to accelerate the development of China's machinery industry and the main force of technological progress. Scientific research achievements have been widely used in many fields of national economic construction.

Engineering contracting

With extensive market network, mature and professional experience in large-scale engineering management, strong engineering design ability, strong soft power in scientific research, and unremitting efforts in quality, safety and environmental protection, Jinzheng grain and oil machinery has become a partner of many grain and oil machinery engineering projects at home and abroad.

Domestic and foreign trade

Jinzheng grain and Oil is an important window for China's machinery industry to introduce advanced technology and equipment from home and abroad, and promote China's high-quality machinery products to the international market. As the traditional main business of Jinzheng Group, Jinzheng grain and oil machinery has a perfect marketing system, a broad market scope and smooth trade channels, which has basically formed a pattern of diversified trade products, diversified trade methods and globalized trade market dominated by machinery and equipment. Trade and service business has considerable scale, in China's import and export of grain and oil machinery enterprises has always been among the top.

Technical service

In order to "build a regular army in the industry, maintain and increase the value of customers' assets", To assist and guide customers' assets to make sustainable and steady profits, our company has invested a huge amount of money and energy to set up a technical service team to launch technology development, technical consulting, technology transfer, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, maintenance, production and front-line staff training services in the industry. Customers can cooperate with us in technical and personnel training periodically or for a long period of time, so as to reduce operating costs of customers, make friends with customers forever, and maintain and increase the value of customers' assets. Assist clients to make steady profits on their assets.

Find true group corporate culture

Tenet of the enterprise: a professional company engaged in research, development and manufacture of grain and oil machinery and equipment

Corporate vision: to create a regular army of the industry, to maintain and increase the value of customers' assets; Assist and guide clients to make steady profits on their assets

Core values: customer achievement, trust and respect, pragmatic innovation

Business philosophy: Quality -- the foundation of image; Science and technology -- the key to take off; Development -- the eternal theme; Innovation is the source of development.

Team spirit: I rely on the survival of enterprises, enterprises rely on me to develop; I do my best for the enterprise, and the enterprise benefits me.

Enterprise style: realistic, pragmatic, diligent and efficient.

Enterprise spirit: dedication, struggle, pioneering and innovation.

Professional ethics: users are the parents of food and clothing, service is the basic responsibility.

Corporate image: legal management, scientific management, working civilization, excellent style, quality service, excellent quality, superb technology, have the courage to innovate.

Quality policy: technology advanced, management science, engineering, product quality, integrity, service in place.

Enterprise belief: take the road of entrepreneurship, seek for development, score brilliant chapter.

Business strategy: implement the strategy of talent, brand, innovation and market development, consolidate and improve the level, develop and expand the processing and manufacturing capacity.

Enterprise environment: harmonious internal relations, the whole factory work together; The external relations are smooth and help me to develop in all directions.

Innovation and efficiency: Driven by innovative science and technology, the company achieves rapid development, creates value continuously, pursues speed and effect, and focuses on continuous innovation for customers and the company.

Business philosophy: build the road (the road to the truth), into the virtuous (virtuous if valley), line on the good (good if water).

Henan Jinzheng Grain and Oil Machinery Technology Co. LTD

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