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Focus on building the three main businesses of mechanical equipment R&D and manufacturing, engineering contracting, trade and service

Jinzheng machinery

Jinzheng machinery ,assists and guides customers' assets to maintain steady and profitable profits

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development development

Deep industry background-rich industry resources

Machinery equipment r & D and manufacturing is the main business of Jinzheng Group. With profound industry background, rich industry resources and unique scientific and technological innovation system combining production, study and research, Jinzheng Group has the advantages of scientific research and development and product competition in many fields...

engineering engineering

Strong engineering design capabilities-strong scientific research soft power

Extensive market network, mature and professional large-scale project management experience, strong engineering design ability, strong soft power of scientific research, and in quality, safety, environmental protection and other aspects of unremitting efforts...

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Walnut oil equipment

market market

Perfect marketing system-broad market scope

Jinzheng Group is an important window for China's machinery industry to introduce advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and to promote China's high-quality machinery products to the international market. As the traditional main business of Jinzheng Group, Jinzheng Group has perfect marketing system, broad market scope and unobstructed trade channels...

Walnut oil equipment

service service

Perfect after-sales service system-professional technical support

To provide technical development, technical consultation, technology transfer, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, production and front-line staff training services in the industry; The customer and we can cooperate periodically or on a long-term basis in technical and personnel training to reduce the customer's operating costs...

Strength makes customers, service makes brands

High-quality products, perfect after-sales service, all over the country, favored by new and old customers!

About us

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About us

Henan Jinzheng Grain and Oil Machinery Technology Co. LTD focuses on the two major fields of grain and oil machinery and equipment manufacturing and modern grain and oil machinery and equipment service industry, focusing on the development and manufacturing of machinery and equipment, project contracting, trade and service. The service fields cover industry and agriculture, providing professional services to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. Jinzheng Group has a strong ability of resource integration and application……See > for details

Tea seed oil equipment

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Tea seed oil equipment

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